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Shipping is FREE on second puppy when purchasing two puppies!!!
Hand Delivery Available Depending on Location!!! 
Shipping is available within the United States for $300. This price includes airfare, vet health certificate, travel crate, and a blanket with the mothers sent. Sometimes I am available to hand deliver your puppy. This mens that I take the puppy with me on the flight and he/she stays right next to me the entire flight time until we meet you at the airport closest to you. There a $100 fee for this service and I like to do this with puppies who are traveling for more then 4 hours and with our extra tiny puppies so that I can provide 100% hands on care for them. I will not ship my puppies unattended before 14 weeks old and for our extra tiny puppies I will not ship them unattended before 16 weeks old. This is just to ensure that the puppies are old enough to endure any stress they may experience while being shipped to their new home. 
If you are interested in shipping international please call me so that I can get up to date travel costs. Sorry but I am not available for hand delivery on international flights at this time.
All of our puppies are reasonably priced considering their quality and bloodlines. We breed for the love of it rather then to make a living off of our dogs. I don't make much of a profit from selling my puppies as most reputable breeders don't. The money paid towards purchasing a puppy is money we have already spent on proper vet visits, proper vaccines, proper nutrition and other  items for our dogs like toys, treats, beds, and yes... vacations. We also are involved with the AKC show ring which requires entry fees which are not cheap and our dogs are OFA health certified and have had genetics testings done to ensure they do not carry any congenital health defects which is also a nother large expense. Our dogs also enjoy spending time at the Doggy Day Care and the Doggy Spa Hotel!
If you see a puppy that you like you may leave a non-refundable, non-transferable deposit to hold your puppy until he/she is old enough to go to their new forever homes. You may do this by personnel check, money order, cash, or with a credit card through paypal. If paying through paypal please add 4% to your total to cover the fee that paypal charges for using their services. Final payment is due 1 week before the puppy is shipped if paying by money order or check. If sending money through paypal for final payment please allow 2 weeks for the money to clear in my bank before shipping. If you are coming to my home to pick up your puppy we only accept cash for final payment. Deposits made towards the purchase of a puppy are non-refundable and final payment is due when puppy is 8 weeks of age. On puppies older than 8 weeks of age when leaving a deposit, final payment is due 2 weeks after placing your deposit. If final payment does not reach me within this time frame I agree to hold the puppy for a fee of $50.00 a week not to exceed more than  4 weeks.  If final payment does not reach me by the 4 weeks extention period then all moneys and weekly fees paid will be lost and the puppy will be placed back up for sale.
For deposits and final payments paid by check, please call me for my address and additional information.
Deposits on puppies are as follows:
Chihuahuas- $200.00
Traditional Colored Yorkies-$200.00
Parti Colored Yorkies- $200.00
Chocolate Colored Yorkies- $250.00
Chocolate Parti Colored Yorkies-$300.00
Puppies Listed As Extra Tiny- Please call for deposit amount