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Thank you for visiting our website! We are so thankful for all the amazing people and fur-babies we have meet since starting our business in 2004. For those who are visiting our website and may not yet know us I would like to introduce our family to you.  My name is Marissa and I am married to my amazing husband Leo who helps me care for our dogs and supports me with my business. I became a groomer in 2004 and started my own grooming business a few years later in NY. Since then we have moved to TN and reopened my business.  I am a certified master groomer and attended the Grooming Program at BOCES in NY in 2004 and the NY School of Grooming in Manhattan NY. I am also an advocate for the purebred dog and active in the AKC show ring where I show standards poodles and Chinese crested.
631-626-9308 (Cell/Best Contact Number)

 On occasion I have litters of standard poodles and Chinese cresteds. All my dogs are AKC Champions or Grand Champions and are completed on ALL health and
genetics testings before breeding takes place. 

Whether you are looking to show or to just have a loving pet we have the puppy for you!

All puppies are cute, but they are only puppies for a short time, and most of their life will be spent as an adult.
Genetics will tell you if your cute puppy will be a beautiful adult.
This is the reason you always want to see the parents and their pedigrees and why it is important to have Champion parents!
Each and every one of our puppies come from parents that are BOTH champions and completed and cleared on all health testings.

PLEASE HELP STOP PUPPY MILLS Puppy mills are where most pet stores get their puppies from. Please become educated and puppy mills and never buy a puppy from a store out of pity, you are only making room for more puppies in the store and putting money in the puppy mills pockets which their dogs will never see. All pet stores will tell you that they get their puppies from USDA licensed breeders which are nothing more than a large scale puppy mill which is pumping such large amounts of puppies each year that they need to be regulated by the USDA. Do your research when looking for a puppy and find a AKC inspected breeder who will allow you to come to their home and see how their dogs and puppies are raised!

I NEVER broker my puppies! If you see someone who has pictures of my puppies and they are trying to pass them off for sale or trade PLEASE let me know! BE AWARE OF PUPPY SCAMS!