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Thank you for visiting our website! We are so thankful for all the amazing people and fur-babies we have meet since starting our business over 10 years ago. For those who are visiting our website and may not yet know us I would like to introduce our family to you.  My name is Marissa and I am married to my amazing husband Leo who helps me care for our dogs and supports me with my business. I became a groomer 13 years ago and started my own grooming business a few years later in NY. Since then we have moved to TN and reopened my business.  I am a certified groomer and attended the Grooming Program at BOCES in NY in 2004. I am also an advocate for the purebred dog and active in the AKC show ring. I breed AKC long and smooth coat chihuahuas, and currently raising my last litter of UKC European Working Line German Shepherds. I offer boarding while you are away out of my home and many grooming services as well as life time support to all my puppies that are placed in new loving homes. 
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About Us:  Home of the finest AKC Chihuahuas and UKC GSD. I am a small, in home hobby show breeder located in Middle TN and Long Island NY. I have been breeding Chihuahuas since 2006 and GSD since 2010 and grooming all breeds in pet and show cuts since 2000 . With many years of experience with showing and breeding through the AKC I have a wonderful bloodline of dogs with wonderful temperaments! All of my dogs are my loved pets first and are raised under hand and foot with my family. There is a lot that goes into raising and caring for my dogs and puppies. All of my puppies are raised, handled and cared for the moment they enter the world. I offer life time support to you and your puppy long after they go to their new forever homes. I am always here to answer any questions or just talk dog. All of my Chihuahuas are purebred, AKC registered and my GSD are high drive UKC European Working Lines. I offer many nice colors and champion bloodlines. All puppies come with a one year health guarantee and a care package to get you started off on the right path with your new furry family member. All puppies will be up to date on all vaccinations and wormings according to age, Vet health checked, care instructions, 5 generation AKC pedigree of mother and fathers bloodlines, and a puppy care pack! Most of our dogs used for breeding are OFA health certified and all adults are tested for any congenital health defects. 
Whether you are looking to show or to just have a loving pet we have the puppy for you!

All puppies are cute, but they are only puppies for a short time, and most of their life will be spent as an adult.
Genetics will tell you if your cute puppy will be a beautiful adult.
This is the reason you always want to see the parents and their pedigrees and why it is important to have Champion Bloodlines!
Each and every one of our Chihuahuas are either sired by Champion Show Dogs, or have pedigrees filled to the top with Champion Bloodlines. Not only will you get a gorgeous puppy, but you will get a gorgeous adult as well.
Some of our Champion Bloodlines include lines from BK's, Jocals, Pacaso, Wolfgan, Duval, Alornas, Merles Hells, Burgundy, Hi-C, Stonehill, Davishall, Ouachitah, Dartan, Weaver's, Regnier, Cam's, Hurds, Am-Can's, Ron-Del's, Rolls Royes, and Crown Ridge to name a few!!!

PLEASE HELP STOP PUPPY MILLS Puppy mills are where most pet stores get their puppies from. Please become educated and puppy mills and never buy a puppy from a store out of pitty, you are only making room for more puppies in the store and putting money in the puppy mills pockets which their dogs will never see. All pet stores will tell you that they get their puppies from USDA licensed breeders which are nothing more than a large scale puppy mill which is pumping such large amounts of puppies each year that they need to be regulated by the USDA. Do your research when looking for a puppy and find a AKC inspected breeder who will allow you to come to their home and see how their dogs and puppies are raised!

I NEVER broker my puppies! If you see someone who has pictures of my puppies and they are trying to pass them off for sale or trade PLEASE let me know! BE AWARE OF PUPPY SCAMS!

  Please be aware that there is NO SUCH THING AS A TEA-CUP YORKIE OR CHIHUAHUA PUPPY! All these terms "Tea-Cup" "Micro" "Minnie" or "Pocket" are terms that people use who are trying to scam you into thinking that you are buying something rare at a much higher price. As per AKC breed standards a yorkie should not exceed 7 pounds and a chihuahua should not exceed 6 pounds with both these breeds being in the TOY group. Please do your research before purchasing a puppy from one of these breeds.